Knee Pain Treatment at Brunswick Chiro Osteo Myo

The knee is a vital joint that plays a crucial role in our daily activities and mobility. It provides stability, flexibility, and supports our body weight, allowing us to walk, run, jump, and perform various movements.

Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis

Our experienced healthcare professionals understand that knee pain can have various causes, such as:

  • sport injuries
  • ligament sprains or tears
  • meniscus tears
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • arthritis (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis)
  • overuse or repetitive strain injuries
  • dislocation or misalignment of the kneecap
  • fractures.

Additionally, factors like obesity, poor posture, improper footwear, and muscle imbalances can contribute to knee pain.

Identifying the specific cause of knee pain is crucial in developing an effective treatment plan for lasting relief. At Brunswick Chiro Osteo Myo, our healthcare professionals are skilled in diagnosing and addressing the underlying causes of knee pain to provide targeted and personalized treatment options.

Knee pain can really affect quality of life

Tailored Treatment Plans

At Brunswick Chiro Osteo Myo, we believe in a holistic approach to knee pain treatment. We create individualized treatment plans based on your specific needs, addressing both the symptoms and underlying causes of your knee pain.

Our comprehensive treatments may include chiropractic adjustments, osteopathic manipulative therapy, soft tissue techniques, rehabilitative exercises, and lifestyle modifications.

We aim to not only alleviate your knee pain but also improve your knee function and prevent future issues.

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